FOP and a kid on the cusp

So…DD4 was 42 inches in February. Not counting on her being 44 yet by July but knowing it’s possible she could be I think I will plan on getting her a FOP FP. Should we get there and she doesn’t meet the height requirement, would the CMs let me take her on Na’Vi instead using the FOP FP?

That sounds like the sort of thing that could happen if handled the right way. It would help if your daughter can cry on demand.


Have her wear sneakers with very cushiony thick soles. :-). I’m actually serious, when my DS24 first rode SM many years ago it was because of that little boost.

Nice! I’m way to much of an Enneagram Type 1 to do that though. No judging people that do this themselves (honestly!) but I couldn’t handle doing it.

lol! She gets scared every time on Soarin’ even though she likes it in the end so knowing her she’d feel relief at being told she couldn’t go.

By what, specifically? With Soarin’ you are actually lifted into the air. With FOP you stay on the ground the whole time. But the ride experience is way more intense.

That is a good question. I’m not really sure why she does. I think maybe the anticipation leading up to the start of the ride? The feeling of flying and not firmly believing that she isn’t really moving? She totally freaked out on Star Tours last trip too and it was her second ride of the trip and kept asking me if we were really going into space.

I am innocent of deliberate subterfuge – he was wearing the cushiony sneakers in order to cope with miles of Disney walking, and because that was the cool kid style then. I am now struggling with my conscience (Jiminy Cricket is watching me carefully) on whether I would have done it for the beat-the-height purpose. I hope not :slight_smile:



At least it wasn’t deliberate. I’ve seen parents slip wedged flip flops on their daughter before she was meausred so she would make the height requirement.

That’s crazy!

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Also, I had to look up subterfuge. Had no idea what it meant. :woman_facepalming:t2:


A folded up napkins in the heel of the shoe will get that last little bit if need be.

Crazy and stupid.

Fill us in! Lol


Removed because I was wrong!

No, I am talking about 2 inch wedged flip flops.

Ah, I am sorry! I thought you were referring to my post.

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Ohhh. No wonder my comment sounded harsh. Not at all directed at you. I was talking about what I saw someone do a few years ago.