FOP Advice

Walking into AK at 4PM on a Friday not and no FPP for FOP. Does anyone have a strategy to minimize the queue as much as possible?


We joined the queue 9.30pm at night a couple of weeks ago. It said 140 mins at the entry gate and took 100 minutes. We were hoping rivers of light would have taken people away from pandoras world

I think 100 minutes is as good as you will get it down to tbh

So my advice is buy takeaway food and spend some of the time eating and drinking your planned meal in the queue rather than sit down somewhere eating and drinking


thanks. thats what we will do

now question. how engaging was the queue? 2 hours is tough anytime. hoping its kinda cool for my girls.

There are great bits of the queue

The start you are outside and it’s pandoras world so some nice photos

There is then a draining boring part when you are basically inside a cave and that part drags

Then the closer you get to the ride it gets great with lots of stuff to see and do

But within a 120 minute wait I would say 80 mins is painful queuing only being honest

There’s no 2 ways about it