FoP advice needed

Hi all, Flight of Passage advice needed. We will be touring Animal Kingdom on 11/25 CL 3, and 11/27 CL 1. We are a family of 7 with 5 young children. We would like to experience FoP in the most time effective way possible in stand by. We were unable to gather FP+. Could anyone please provide specific directions on how we should 1) proceed through parking and security 2) position ourselves in line (location) 3) timing of all of this - what time should we arrive to AK each day? Thank you all so much for help!!

It’s broken down by touring plans here.


Thank you! Very helpful.

We recently RD FOP and before people began passing through the turnstiles, everyone was concentrated in two lines. Once people started flowing in, the CMs opened up several other lines to the left and right of those two lines. We weren’t paying attention and bunches of people jumped into those lines and gained an advantage. Keep your eyes open for that.


Thank you!