FOP 30 days out?

Has anyone had any luck with them adding some FP’s for FOP or any attraction at the 30 day mark? Hoping to have a miracle and have some find there way onto my search

I would keep an eye out for extended park hours. That will open more FPs up .

I’m in the same boat! 14 more days till my 30 days out and I try for FPP. Fingers are crossed!

Just spoken to my friend who has been booking her fastpasses 30 days out and they are staying for 7 days and didn’t have any luck for any day getting a Flight Of Passage fast pass :frowning:

She’s going to keep checking every day so hopefully both you and her have some luck

Fingers crossed

I managed to get one when someone posted on here that there were openings. Just keeping checking, and you might have some luck.

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I didn’t manage to get any FPP for FOP at 60 days, but have managed to get them in the last few days (~30 days for me) so don’t give up hope


ok. we will keep trying… I said in a different post, between mk closing earlier this summer, FOP and rumors or a EE refurb, I’ve never been so stressed before a trip.

My sister just booked at 30 days last week and there were none. I booked at 60 days and couldn’t get them - but I have been checking ever since and happened upon FOP FPs a few days ago at 41 days out. They were late in the day (8:30) but at least I got them! You just have to keep checking you might get lucky


This might help:

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I also was unable at 60days out. Actually 60 +4 days out. But at my 41st day between 2 and 230 pm. I know because I had been conconstantly checking more late times were released. So keep trying even if u dont get it right away. Also I have read multiple posts about getting some day of with modifying.

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Did you have success using the phone MDE app? Or was it off a computer ?

I mostly use the app

I too got it on the app well after my 60th day after a liner alerted me there was a release .

Liner??? I assume someone who posts in here ? I keep checking. But nothing so far.

Liners is a general term used by the TP community since the app, with chat, is called “lines”. The app and chat was created years before this forum so I guess the crazy group of “liners” on both still use those terms. Sorry if I was confusing!

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