Food & Wine - would you visit World Showcase on a Fri or Sunday evening?

Trying to split Epcot into 2 1/2 days for my girls trip with my DD8. She says she wants to visit World Showcase. Which is the better of two evils during F&W? Fri or Sunday afternoon/evening? I’ve not personally had the experience of people enjoying their wine too much, but I have heard rumors of it being bad. Trying to avoid it being too hot!


I would say Sunday. Weekend crowds can be heavy. And I have heard the locals like to come out for food and wine.

I once went on a Saturday. Nope not doing that again.


i would say Sunday evening

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We were there Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights in Oct. Saturday was noticeably busier but I couldn’t tell much of a difference between Thurs and Fri. I didn’t think any of the days were super crazy or unbearable–we didn’t see any crazy behavior, just longer lines at the booths, and more challenging to find somewhere to sit and eat.

Thanks all! We have EMM at HS and departure day on the Monday following, so maybe I will just stick with Friday. Then I can make sure I have enough time to get all my stuff packed Sunday evening for airline check in early Sun morning.We honestly probably won’t even visit any booths, I think she just wants to look around. Last year we went we walked past most of the countries trying to get to other places.

I think you just want to go early in the day whichever day you choose if you don’t want to dodge drunks. I was there on a Saturday, but left before 2PM to go swimming and it was not a problem.

And I am for sure not going on a Sat night! LOL

We will be hopping from either another park or after our rest time during the afternoon so it will most likely be in the late afternoon, early evening. The other thing is Saturday is our WP day and we can sleep in a little later so I am talking myself into Friday evening.

We went on a Sunday afternoon last year and it was packed! Hard to maneuver… long lines… it was the race weekend so could be why.