Food & Wine Festival Crowds

CL #'s state they do NOT take F&W festival into consideration. I know they are based on ride wait times, not actual people in park a/c people disburse differently, parks are different size, etc (I DID read the page about how CL’s are calculated). Is there any better info about crowds &lines @ Int’l Marketplace food booths? The only info I find are generalities like: first and last weeks are busier and weekends are really crowded; go to popular booths as soon as they open. F&W is in its 21st year and that’s all? There’s help to plan a trip to MK with military precision and nothing for F&W except book seminars by phone as soon as you can and get there @ 11 am on a weekday for the booths? Don’t get me wrong; we’ve got menus & mouthwatering food photos and descriptions & picked favs, so we can’t wait to get there. I just don’t feel anywhere near as prepared as when we normally tour. Any tips? 9/18-23, celebrating 40th Anniversary.

I would say that lines and crowds (walking from one booth to another, finding the top of a trash can to put your food down to eat (since there is very little chance of finding a bench or table too) can be very difficult on the weekend (Friday-Sunday). If you are going over the weekend, 11:00 am will be the most reasonable crowds. Weekdays, early are the easiest and shortest lines (usually)

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There is a lot of hard data about wait times for attractions, not so much for the F&W booths. Also happy anniversary! Also also, I will be in the world the same week as you!