Food to Go that Will Travel

Hi all,

We are driving down to the world from NY and stopping overnight each way for our 6-day long trip in 3(!) days. We’ll be in the parks on our checkout day and then we’ll drive up to South Carolina to stay the night. We wanted to keep the Disney Magic going a little longer, so my question is this:

What Counter Service meals/ savory snacks can we take to go that will travel well in a cooler and heat up ok in microwave when we get to South Carolina?

I know we’ll lose some quality with the travel, but trying to keep the Disney Magic going a little longer. Open to all suggestions. Thanks!

We took pastries back to the hotel from France and had them for breakfast the next day. Other than that we never had any leftovers!

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Turkey leg as long as you have a cooler with ice to keep it in. Yum!

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of course, why didnt i think of that!? we’ll definitely be picking up some extra treats from France to take on the road.

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@TBurgoon , good idea. Turkey Legs might be a good idea to bring all the way home and slice up for a sandwich

I haven’t had them, but maybe the cheeseburger bao from Satuli in AK?

I’m hoping to grab an extra Darth Vader cupcake or three to take home from HS.

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@tjkjbarton not a bad idea. we haven’t tried them yet either, but we plan to. If they’re good. a few may wind up in the cooler!

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While probably not exactly what you had on mind, I had picked up some rice crispy treats from the main street candy store before going home. Those were fantastic.

We bought Jammy Dodgers from Cookes of Dublin for our trip home. Best thing ever! Also took Fish & Chips from there. However, chips don’t do well cold or microwaved. Fish did, though

If you’re going to Epcot that last day then the potstickers and egg rolls from China would be good heated up. The nudel gratin from Germany would also be good.

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