Food Recommendations around Crescent Lake

At first I read GF as girlfriend and thought it was odd the service was so bad it drove you to that. Then I figured out it was Gluten Free when I finished the sentence. Although the Grand Floridian would like its acronym back… :grin:

We only did Via Napoli once and it was solid, although I don’t recall if we had the pizza.


We’re staying at Beach Club also next week and one thing I wanted to mention to you was remember that the Flower and Garden festival will be there and every country has a decent food stand. We’re spending 2.5 days at Epcot and one day we’re not doing breakfast or lunch at a sit down because we’re going to eat some of the food at the food stands.

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Thanks! Its a good idea… but we will be there in June after the F&G festival is over. But if I was there in May, I would be all over that! Enjoy!

Sorry for the confusion!

good plan