Food Recommendations around Crescent Lake

So we are doing a split stay and, on the day we are moving from Poly to Beach Club, we will be at EPCOT. Going to take a break in early afternoon and looking for a great lunch spot outside of the park. Don’t have an ADR for Beaches and Cream, but interested in any other recommendations around Boardwalk, etc. Would also consider Disney Springs as we will have our car.

We are me, DW, DD5 and DD9. All adventurous eaters… so, quality of food and experience are important. That being said, I am not looking for a $200 lunch.

Any recommendations?


Edited to add: It will be a Tuesday, around 1:30 or so… if that matters.

Whatever you choose, if you stay in the EP resort area, try to hit Ample Hills on the Boardwalk if you are ice cream people.


Solid recommendation. Will definitely put it on the list! Thanks!

If you’re already in Epcot, also recommend Via Napoli. Good pizza at a good price. We just got nachos at big river grille and weren’t impressed. Not sure about the rest of their menu.

We didn’t eat there when we were just at Boardwalk, but espn club is also there. Haven’t been but heard good things about food options at swan & dolphin?
We did get over to D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs but that was over $100 for our family of 5.
You can also grab a whole pizza at the Boardwalk pizza window and eat outside on the Boardwalk.

How is the pizza at BW? I’ll be there late June.

Quick and easy. We got it twice as a late night snack, with teenagers. Via Napoli is definitely much better.


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I have to say that the BW area is not my area of expertise. FF and Yachtsman are both excellent, but they are signature and dinner only. I all honesty, I can’t grasp the concept of leaving EP to have lunch outside of the park; EP has arguable the best food in any of the parks.


Right. We stayed at Boardwalk. Parkhoppers. 6 park days. I won’t count breakfast, since we just grabbed pastries etc. So out of 11 lunches and dinners (we left before dinner our last day), we had 6 of those 11 meals in Epcot.


Is it really arguable? I don’t think any of the other parks really have much of a case against Epcot. Perhaps they can stack 1 or 2 restaurants to match, but Epcot has such depth. We have traditionally found our main use of park hopping is to hop back into Epcot to eat. So many great ADR options at Epcot…

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I’m with you on this. There are a few highlights in other parks; HBD in DHS is a favorite of mine (and 50s is a decent “second” TS spot), and although I haven’t been yet, Tiffins in AK gets uniformly excellent reviews (and Tusker house is better than average - especially for a CM buffet). In MK I haven’t been to Skippers or BOG for dinner yet, but otherwise the food there is nothing I especially look forward to.

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Yeah IMO the only park that holds a candle to Epcot is AK. Satulli, Yak and Yeti and Tiffins are pretty darn good.

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Thanks for the input everyone! We have made a lunch ADR at Via Napoli, however still considering Le Halles as an option as well.

Less than 30 days to go…


Both good choices, but Via Napoli is the better of the two. Pizzas are huge and wonderful. Le Halles is a good option for a snack not so much a meal in my opinion.

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Well, the beauty is, of all the places we were considering, Via Napoli is the only one that required an ADR, so, we have that. And I think that we are leaning that direction. But if we change our mind, we can always go the QS route…


That’s great that you’ve the ADR. In my opinion, a TS lunch is always a nice break from the day, especially when it’s hot. I like the idea of a guaranteed seat in air conditioning and someone else refilling my drink. :grin:


I agree; a pastry there is a favorite mid-afternoon snack for me.

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Maybe it was just a bad day, but we did not like Via Napoli. The pizza was scorched around the edges and the waiter wasn’t very pleasant. I actually cheated on my GF diet for that pizza and was not impressed at all.