Food Poisoning at Tusker House

I am 99% sure my son got food poisoning at Tusker House on Monday. He was absolutely fine in the morning. We had a 9:35 breakfast, and around noon he started feeling really tired and said his stomach hurt. Over the next few hours he got worse and worse, and we ended up leaving, with him throwing up in the parking lot of Animal Kingdom. After he threw up, he bounced back quickly and was absolutely fine the next day. He was the only one who ate the sausage on the buffet and looking at a picture of it, it does look a little light-colored. Should I tell someone at Disney? The second half of our day was definitely not “magical.” Anyone else have a problem on Monday?

You could certainly mention it but it’s very hard to pinpoint the source of food poisoning - and that it even is food poisoning - in most cases.


I would report it, even if you’re not sure. The only way to track an outbreak is if multiple people report symptoms.


In my experience food poisoning is not a 1 and done event. It could just be something didn’t agree with him. Too much grease maybe? I know it’s not uncommon for littles to get sick on vacation while eating so much outside of their normal routine. That said, I don’t think it would hurt to let them know.


I would absolutely report it. Our aunt became very sick after eating a particular seafood item at a particular restaurant in MK an few years back and had to miss the park the next day (last day of our trip) because she was so sick. She called Disney herself after she got home and they gave her a few comped one-day tickets to make up for the unused day.

That seems very fast to be food poisoning. No harm in reporting though.

Feeling sick and vomiting can also be a sign of a food allergy. Some food allergies don’t present with hives or breathing problems, but gastrointestinally.

Years ago, we were visiting my parents in Florida. My daughter ate a piece of Carrot Cake, and started throwing up not long afterwards. We realized the cake had walnuts in it…and we didn’t actually even know she had a walnut allergy, but she had other nut allergies. She was later tested, and it was confirmed she was in fact allergic to walnuts.

A similar thing happened with our youngest son several years later. The allergy presented with vomiting a couple hours after eating the offending food.

I’m not suggesting it ISN’T food poisoning…only that if your son consumed anything he hasn’t before (or…in some cases, even if he has), it might be worth checking into the allergy route as well…especially if there are any other food allergies within the family.

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Yes it could be a food allergy or intolerance. My son had a turkey intolerance and will throw up an hour or 2 later violently and then is fine. Coincidentally, turkey sausage - even a trace in it seems to be the biggest culprit. We are very wary of eating any sausage or hot dogs out.

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It doesn’t sound like food poisoning. I got food poisoning from eating a chicken sandwich in Disneyland when I was 13. The vomiting and other symptoms lasted for about 24 hrs. It was awful. Sounds like maybe something just didn’t agree with him.

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