Food on shuttle?

Are food and beverages allowed on shuttles to/from Universal hotels? Thinking we’ll get our food at Starbucks and eat while waiting for EPA opening.
Alternatively, anything open in CityWalk by 7 a.m.?

We went to get on the bus last night, and one of my kids still had cold stone. I asked the bus driver if he was able to take it on the bus, and he said ‘as long as you share’. We were careful not to get any ice cream anywhere. We also saw someone with a pretzel, and people with drinks. Think you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


It is no issue. You’ll see so many people at the end of the day bringing food from CityWalk with them on the bus. I’ve eaten VooDoo Doughnuts while on the bus

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Thanks everyone!
VooDoo Doughnuts?! Haven’t had those since Portland - I’ll be on the lookout for that spot!

You won’t be able to miss it! It’s got a giant sign and a 10’ tall Throne made of “doughnuts” out front for IG pics!


Totally unrelated, but I love the Ravenclaw tie!

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I think it looks better on me!


I think both look fantastic! Love the robes, I’ve never done full robes cause I’m afraid I’ll melt to death :joy:

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They breathe surprisingly well! Plus, I found the hood to be a godsend at times. It comes down long enough to completely block your face and cover the head. It was in the upper 80s / low 90s when that picture was taken.

Nomads have been wearing robes in the desert heat for millennia. They must know something! :wink:


Funny story, I own one of those “Nomad robes” cause I grew up in Saudi Arabia and had to wear it (we called it an abaya) if I left the compound. Those do breath and I could wear whatever I wanted underneath which was nice. So might have to give HP robes a try after all!