Food in TSL w a toddler

So, I’ve heard that woody’s is crowded with ridiculous lines. We will be in HS sat march 7 with 18m old in tow. We have an hour between TSM and SDD FPs. Do we truck across the park to a TS, only to retrace our steps a few minutes later? If so, where? Do we brave the crowds at Woody’s? Is there a closer QS that would be less crazy but also tot friendly? I am trying to move up the SDD but no luck so far.

We will be in HS the day before sans toddler and are planning on docking bay and/or ronto.

I would just do mobile order to avoid the lines.


But will we have a place to sit and feed the little one? I’ve even heard mobile orders there are a long wait.

Do Mobile order at Woody’s. You won’t have to stand in line. It works great.

ABC Commissary is very close and even Backlot Express is not too far. Both have mobile order so you can order beforehand. Lots of toddler friendly food. I feel like that whole area is small enough that you don’t feel like you’re backtracking.

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We were there on a crowd level 6 day. I got in line at Woody’s. I had never placed a mobile order. So while in line I placed an order, then left the line went to the window and my food was waiting there. It’s probably a factor of who is there that actually know how to use it.

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I do agree that finding a place to sit and feed him may be the biggest problem. I did the mobile order and pickup while my family searched for a table. We were a group of 5 so a little more challenging. Plus most of the seating has no cover and we rushed eating because of the sun. Walking a little farther might be a better choice.

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This. There is very little seating in the Woody area and little to no shade. If it’s a hot day and you are talking about lunch, I would personally go to Galaxy’s Edge or cut through GE to Backlot for lunch and air conditioning.