Food deliveries?

Is it possible to get food deliveries to Disney resorts? (Uber eats, door dash) If so, are there any restrictions like where you have to meet the driver?

Yes, I had Wawa from Grubhub delivered almost every day. As of Dec/Jan they will only deliver to the front of the hotel, maybe the lobby if they’re feeling nice.

I loved it though. Very seamless and fast. The same as if I were ordering it at home.

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I also ordered from Giordano’s directly and they would only deliver to the porte-cochere as well. All my deliveries were to Bay Lake Towers or Beach Club, for reference. I can’t image non deluxe would be any different though. If anything it’d be easier without them having to deal with security at the gate.

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We stayed in Swan, no problem but lobby delivery. The app said here and we went down to retrieve. Think it works the same for all Disney owned hotels too.