Food Court Coffee Quality

We will be at the AS/Music in December and wondering about the quality of the coffee in the food court (refillable mugs). Any thoughts?

we’ve stayed there twice in the last year or so…both times it was decent, certainly not bad

Wdw sells Joffrey’s coffee. I think it is good.

We stayed at AS Sports in 2016 and the coffee was pretty poor then, so much so that we will bring our own for the room next time. We found that buying it from the Joffrey’s stands in the parks was much better, however, if you have to purchase it.

Not a very strong coffee, but it’s okay. Beats not having any coffee at all. I’m thinking about bringing my Keurig this trip.

It’s OK, but after all my years in the Navy, I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to coffee. As previously posted, it’s Joffrey’s, which is somewhere between Folger’s and Starbucks (probably closer to the former).

Joffrey’s online store sells multiple varieties of beans ( whole or ground) supposedly based on what is sold in the restaurants. Sanaa blend, V and A blend, Jiko blend, etc. We find these coffees much better than Starbucks. Not sure what they serve in food courts but we are pleased with Joffrey quality

I liked it.

We stayed AS sports in June and DW like the coffee she thought it was good.

I was at AS in April and found the coffee to be good enough especially since it was “free” using our refillable mugs. Oddly enough one of my favorite memories was getting the morning coffee filled around 530 AM as the rest of my group got ready, everything was quiet and peaceful which is nice while preparing for a day of massive crowds and craziness lol

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How is the Joffrey’s in the park different than the Joffrey’s in the food court?

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Maybe it was brewed differently or just sat there for hours on end in the food court, but 5 of us coffee drinkers all agreed it was pretty awful. Maybe it’s improved since.

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I thought the Joffrey’s coffee was terrible. WDW does so many things right, but coffee is not one of them. Second trip I brought Starbucks Via (instant coffee) and used that instead and found it to be a huge improvement. But maybe that is just me.

I’m not a Joffrey’s fan at all, and even Starbucks only in a pinch if it isn’t their reserve stuff.

I just bring my own beans, a hand grinder, and an AeroPress. Just depends how badly you want really good coffee :slight_smile: I can brew a cup much quicker than a trip to SBs as only Disney Springs has mobile ordering available.

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