Food at Pop Century

We will probably get a quick breakfast and dinner or two from Pop Century. Which foods have you enjoyed from there?

We went in December and I know the food gets a bad rap but I really liked the pot roast. Others in our party loved the wood fired pizza - you have to wait a little longer for these but they were good.

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We really liked getting a whole pizza to go…only cost $17 and was more than enough for my family of 4. Cheap yummy meal!

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The bounty platter is pretty standard across QS for breakfast, and I always enjoy the breakfast sandwich.

Did not have dinner there.


Bounty platter is perfect for two people! Also enjoyed the mickey waffles.
Loved the personalized family pizza and the pot roast was excellent. They also have dole whip :grinning:

The grab and go section I would pick up wraps, fruit, and the kids power pack (includes yogurt, goldfish crackers, apple slices, sammy jammy, carrots, and a mini water)

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Another vote for pizza. Also keep your eye on the refrigerator case – they sometimes have fun and unique desserts that I’ve only seen at Pop.

Not sure about Pop, but All Star movies has a secret menu item. The cinnamon bun CANDIED BACON cheeseburger. I can confirm this would cure world hunger and cause world peace if they made enough of them.

Here’s a link for the info.

DH really enjoyed the omelets station and the make your own pasta dishes. I didn’t dislike the food. It was edible, reliable and reasonably priced.

Best thing I can say about Pop Century food is…fast walk across the bridge to Art of Animation’s food!


seriously second the rec for walking across to AOA food court- that said, I also enjoyed my mickey waffles at Pop for breakfast, no need to walk elsewhere for breakfast really.

I loved the roasted veggie sandwich. My kids got the family size cheese pizza and did not like it at all. I’d love to try the artisanal pizzas next time.

Definitely the artisanal wood fires pizzas. I didn’t even see them or try them until the last day but they were great. And fresh cooked. The ordering station is around the corner from the other food counters.
The hot food section where pot roast and such are wasn’t bad either.

Not a huge fan of the food there. My husband liked the salad that you could build (but veggie choices are quite limited). I liked the fresh mozzarella turkey sandwich on foccacia bread.