Food at HEA Dessert Party

We are going to HEA Dessert Party in a couple of weeks. We currently have a BOG dinner reservation at 525. I think I’ve read that the dessert party only has sweets (cupcakes, ice cream treats, the like). Is that the case? So is it overkill to eat TS before the party or is that reasonable? I’m thinking just entrees. FWIW, we are doing KTTK tour so I’m not expecting much from lunch that day.

Just sweets. The dessert party at HS has a much better variety of snacks including non-sweets (also some alcoholic beverages).

We went to the HEA dessert party last month and the only items that weren’t super sugary desserts were cheese and fruit. We don’t tend to eat a TS before a dessert party (we try to eat a good lunch that day instead).

Personally I’m indifferent about the desserts. That’s not what the event is about for me: it’s about scoring top quality viewing positions for HEA.

Incidentally, I remember last year some people had incredible looking fruit plates with strawberries the size of your head. I asked about them and apparently you get them if you have some kind of food allergy or something.

The desserts were OK, but the dining area was very crowded.


We have a 6 reservation at CP the same night we have the HEA dessert party. It will probably be overkill, but that is the way it is working out. like @profmatt said it is more about viewing the fireworks without a crowd. i have also read that you can ask for a to go box for the party and eat in the grass or save for later.

Good to know. Thanks!

Good to know about the to go box! We reserved the garden viewing seating for two different nights (in case of rain and if it’s nice both nights then all the better!) One of the nights we have BOG at 6:00 so probably won’t eat a lot of dessert at the party. The other night we have a dessert party we don’t have dinner reservations anywhere…