Food and wine weekends


Planning our annual (3rd wink ) weekend to mnsshp... Thinking late sept/early oct. Want to hit an afternoon/evening in Epcot most likely on a Saturday... How are the food and wine crowds? We will be two kids deep and maybe hit one or two booths but mostly there to just cruise world showcase and a take a lap on TT! Thanks!!!


When are you planning to go? I'll be there end of sept also


Thinking the last weekend of sept or first weekend in oct! Either a Friday night party or Sunday night one! We've done the weekend after Columbus day the last two years and I want to try a less crowded mnsshp wink


Awesome!! We are going 9/21-9/29 hoping for a Tuesday party on the 22


Also.. Going with MIL and her sis... They said they will watch the kids at night if we want to go to food and wine alone 😃😃


I did a Food and Wine/ Party weekend last October. Saturday the crowds build at EP and there will be groups trying to drink their way around the world. The lines at the booths were manageable at 12, but very long by 4-5. I went back on Monday ( much, much easier).


If we go in sept we'll be there at the same time! Where are you guys staying? Think your MIL will watch my kids?!?!? Hahaha!!! wink


That's what I'm worried about... We are use to Epcot in jan/feb smile maybe we will do an ak day instead and save Epcot for a different trip! Thanks!!!!


We will be at POP..