Food And Wine- The Best Of

We happen to be going to F&W during the last full week. This wasn’t intentional, but I’m pretty excited.

What are your FAVORITE F&W foods (we aren’t drinkers). We plan to share several. However, I’m more into savory and he is more into sweet.

Also, can I pay with gift cards at the F&W booths?

Filet Mignon in Canada

Escargot in Croissant in France was very good. The Korma Chicken in India, Skewered Shrimp in Africa, Schinkennudeln in Germany were all very good. And the Maple Bourbon Cheesecake at The Cheese Studio was very very good.

Tropical Mimosa at Shimmering Sips (at the Front, before heading into any of World Showcase)


Smoked Corned Beef at Flavors on Fire was surprisingly tasty. It seemed like an Irish nacho. Kenyan Coffee Barbecue Beef Tenderloin at Africa was very good. I second the Maple Bourbon Cheesecake at The Cheese Studio as very very good. I’d read through this year’s F&W reviews on to help make a list.

I second this! It was delicious! …as was the Beef and Mushroom burger at the same location.