Food and Wine soft opening?

There have been a few blogs vlogs that mentioned a soft opening for the food and wine festival. This is the first year in a few years we aren’t scheduled to go during the actual dates. Is there really a soft opening for it and what is it? Our last day is the Friday before it starts.

My last day is the Monday before opening, so this would be fantastic (and would require throwing out all my plans for those final days, but I’d do it in a heartbeat).

I know! I can understand a soft opening for GE and I’m crossing my fingers. But, this seems odd. However, I heard it multiple times.

On one side it is the longest Food and Wine Festival so far, so it already is a very long festival and that would argue against it. But they just had a soft summer with $$ down. I don’t think a soft open would generate enough room and package sales to offset the slump they seem to have encountered. But do they want another poor performing quarter and wouldn’t you try anything to increase the revenue. Have they done a soft opening for Food and Wine Festival before? Rides/attractions yes. But that festival? I think there is more against the prospect of a Food and Wine soft opening.

2020 F&W will probably start June 1 to make up for this

oh good grief! but wouldn’t surprise me