Food and Wine Snack/beverage pics here!

I wanted to start a thread so we had a place to post pics from the festival. Anyone snacking around the world post pics/comments here about the snacks you get!! Thanks


… you know it doesn’t start for almost 3 weeks, right?


Sigh… No. I thought it started this weekend … Oops

I am starring this thread to try to remember to move it to active in a couple of weeks. It will really help my planning!


Love food and wine! We eat/drink around the world! Ill look forward to your posts to plan our trip!

Perhaps he/she was thinking of mnsshp which starts tomorrow?

It’s is time!!! Lol post a way please

I have 5 or 6 on IG from Thursday.

Beef short rib and the new escargot, from France. Sad to say I didn’t enjoy the new escargot recipe - much prefer it as it had been in years past. :-/


I thought the escargot was too bready (making up words here). But it was also the first time I ever tried it here, so I have nothing to compare it to.

Seared sea scallop from Scotland. My favorite of the day.


Mexico. Shrimp taco. Always good.


Morocco spicy shrimp roll.


Thanks for posting the photos @Mr_Itty and @MDU.

Ravioli alla caprese from Italy. Another favorite!

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Tilapia with coconut lime sauce and steamed rice from Brazil. I thought it was pretty bland.

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Brazillian cheese bread. Yum. (Hi @weasus)

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Thank you all for the pics!! :slight_smile:

These are great to see! Keep them coming. And if you remember the price, throw that on too! :slight_smile:

@MB77 if you want the full list, pics, and prices DFB added all to their site.