Food and Wine CM preview night?

We’re going to be in Disney for our anniversary next week on 9/13. Already have a sitter booked (yay!) and an ADR for Cali Grill. But we’re thinking of scrapping that if the weather is good and just going to Epcot and wandering the World Showcase. CG sounds wonderful, but we live in a city with great restaurants, so we thought it might be a little more fun to have some kid-free time to eat and drink our way around Epcot.

So my question is…this is the night before F&W begins. I’ve heard that there is typically a staff preview night the night before it opens. Is that a pretty safe bet, and if so, are the booths open for everyone or just cast members?


Personally, I’d count on it starting 9/14. I’ve tried to got on things during CM previews and have had no luck. I’d stick to the CG res and try to fit in F&W later in your trip. Good luck!

Thanks! We’re definitely not counting on it opening on 9/13, but it would be a fun bonus if it did. :slight_smile: