Food and Wine 2018 Girls Trip must dos

I’m planning a food and wine trip next fall and it will be me and three friends. We are staying at the Grand Floridian SugarLoaf building/Club level. This isn’t a “bachelorette” type party - we are all in our early forties and basically want to experience great food and wine (of course). My list includes the California Grill Brunch and Tiffins. What would you want to do on a similar trip w/ no husband or kids? TIA!!!

My friend and I are heading own for a girls trip in 23 days(!) primarily to go Food & Wine.

We are doing the Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic, several of the specialty pairings, and Savor the Savanna at DAK. The first night there I have an ADR for California Grill right before the fireworks for MNSSHP and we are also eating at Jiko. I did have an ADR for the California Grill Brunch, but we are doing the French Family Meal Traditions that do instead.

She hasnt been to WDW in many many years and this is a birthday trip for her also. So I just found some of the nicer special things for us to do. The Wild Africa Trek and the Sense of Africa tour were also on the table, but I just couldnt fit it all in!

Have fun planning!

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I made the mistake of mentioning your post to my wife since we stayed at the SugarLoaf this summer. Without batting an eye she said … take in a spa, go to all the shops in Disney Springs you are in too impatient to browse with me, buy that dress in the GF gift shop I wish I bought before we left, don’t over sleep and miss that great morning brunch the Sugarloaf lounge, watch the MK fireworks from the GF boat launch again, buy a park hopper so I could take the monorail back to the wine and food festival every day I was there, splurge on the MM so we all had great photos of the trip, oh yes, … and send you a Disney post card to let you know how much I missed you. :slight_smile:

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I’m not a girl but love food!!

You will love Tiffins

I highly recommend Monsieur Paul fine dining restaurant in France in Epcot as well

And don’t miss the caramel shop in Germany

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This sounds wonderful! I’m sure I’ll rearrange all year, especially when the F&W events are posted for next year!

Does she want to go with us? LOL!! These are all the thoughts I had when we brought the kids! We were at the Boardwalk Inn which allowed me to walk to Epcot at night while my husband took the kids to the pool. I was mentally starting my girl’s trip list. I won’t forget the postcard. Nice touch!