Food and NOT wine

I like food but I’m not a wine person at all. Will it still be worth it for me to go to the festival?

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Of course! The food is the star of the show. Check out the menu’s for this years booths and see if anything piques your interest.


I think I would go just for this…


I don’t drink but find plenty of things to try at F&W. Its well worth it for the food.

I am taking my sis and she does not drink any alcohol except for maybe a once a year piña colada. She is looking forward to trying the food though. I am looking forward to both. :wink:

Absolutely!! The food looks SO good!!!

Oooohhh… what is that @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1?

Baklava… something I LOVE!

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Looks yummy… what is the chunky stuff in it that looks salsa-ish?

It’s a sweet rich mixture of nuts and honey.

So squirrels would like it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Plenty of Beer and mixed drinks too! :tropical_drink:

Need to work this into our vacations sometime. Never bern. Hard to get away in the fall.

I’ve never been to F&W, but prefer to eat around the world more than drink (I know…gasp!!). Esp. if it’s hot. Heat + alcohol doesn’t mix well with me, and I’m usually sleepy after about an hour. Going to F&W for the first time this year, and yes more excited about the food part :smiley: So yes, I think worth it!

Went last year…yummmm. Didn’t drink a thing alcohol wise. It was fun to try all the different foods. We went from left to right and was rolling by the time we got to England. This year we are going right to left.

@DoUwannaBuildAsnowma - I enjoy frou-frou drinks, beer and wine, but I am a total lightweight. I’m not even going to try to sample the kiosk drinks at Food & Wine because I know it will just make me miserable and maybe even keep me from Rope Drop the next day. I plan to have one drink per day at Food & Wine, and I’m going to choose very carefully I’m even doing the Sparkling Dessert Party and am just planning to have coffee and desserts! I’m in it for the food and the company. Mmmm…food. I bet there are lots of people at Food & Wine who don’t actually drink.

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I’m definitely drinking but to me the food is much more important. A lot of the alcohol - though certainly not all - is mass produced, which is way less exciting to me.