Food and Drink at Galaxy Edge

What is the best food and drink to eat at the galaxy edge?

We really liked the Ronto Morning Wrap at breakfast and the Ronto Wrap at lunch at Ronto Roasters. My son liked the drinks that he had at Oga’s. It was so hot at the end of October that I stuck with water.


The Ronto Wrap is pretty much the uncontested “best” item in SW:GE.

If interested, I’d advise you check out DisneyFoodBlog and/or mrcheezypop on YouTube. They’ve both done great videos on this subject.


I loved the pot roast at Docking Bay. DH had the chicken and my fish was the winner. The blue milk was good. The lager they sell around the world is really unique with notes of lavender.


We loved Ogas. The drinks were really fun and everyone drank theirs too. I got the one that was blue and had a cookie on top. The cookie was good. Might have been called Blue Bantha.


The Fuzzy Tauntaun at Oga’s is really a unique experience if you drink alcohol.


The Ronto wraps are great. We also enjoyed our food at Docking Bay 7 (especially the pork ribs but chicken was good too).
Oga’s was fun for drinks–for alcohol containing drinks the Outer Rim was my favorite. For drinks without alcohol the Carbon Freeze was tasty and fun.
Blue and green milk are both yummy (and mixing them is apparently a thing).


My family much preferred blue milk to green from milk stand.

Kettle corn was as expected.

My husband did the rancor thing at Oga’s. Both snack options (snack bits and meat platter) are good, much better than I expected. My kids enjoyed the carbon freeze followed by the blue bantha.

We ate Ronto wrap once but didn’t try the breakfast one. It was good but didn’t draw us back.

We ate at Docking Bay 7 twice. In order of preference: pot roast (very good), ribs (very good), shrimp noodles (good if you want something lighter), chicken (sort of ho hum).

We had great results with ordering via MDE.