FOMOm strongarms the crew - a live-ish TR (3/4-3/10)

Beautiful family!! Have a great time!


Let the kids run in the open space while you can!!!


She is an amazing seamstress.we have an entire collection of smocked and pleated and embroidered and appliqued stuff she’s made. It’s her retirement hobby!


DS is sitting with DH. Only 70 ppl on our SW flight. He keeps saying he is scared of crashing. I keep shushing. DH also hates flying.

Meanwhile, DD keeps saying “pane! Pane!” Excitedly and is next to her mama, who also has a near irrational lack of fear of planes. Terrified of forgetting to buy shampoo and running out, could care less about hurtling through the atmosphere.


You chose the seating arrangements well, then! :joy:


Welp, we are leaving the airport and still don’t have a room number at 530 est.

You should text them in the app. Or call.

I can’t figure that one out

On the app, click the menu in the lower right hand corner. Then click, “Resort Hotel.” Then scroll down a little and click the “Call Resort Hotel” button. I can’t find the messaging service - maybe it was removed (or maybe you have to be checked in to access it).

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I called, and it hung up on me twice. Ae are 6 minutes away so we’ll see!
Also, worst photographer ever


We had this issue last fall. That took us to a central phone bank with no real answer besides “your room will be ready soon”. Didn’t get a room till we arrived at the front desk and asked what was up.

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Try this phone number (AKL Jambo). I got it from the Touring Plans website. They claim in their book that they try to list the phone number to the actual front desk, not a phone bank. But at this point you are probably already there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(407) 938-3000


I tried that number and sadly it doesn’t actually go to the resort. And when they DID transfer me to the resort, the person couldn’t hear me and hung up.

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So, we are here! We didn’t get the savanna we wanted but even this small one is awesome, 2 br lock off 5506 and 5508. The kids love it!

We basically got the rooms across the hall from what we requested, but that means instead of the main savanna, we gotthe uzumi one. The only big difference I think is zebras.
The 2 BR is overkill but DH insisted, and we rented points at $15.
We got a bunch of groceries and toiletries and pool stuff, and supper platters from Publix, and donut king, delivered through Dizzy Dolphin Delivery, which is owned by dvc members. By the time bell services got here the 2 year old was screaming uncontrollably. Good thing I also ordered a minnie balloon.
Hoping she actually sleeps cause she is a hot mess.


That is an AMAZING savannah view! I honestly can’t imagine a better one.


That’s how I feel about it. Not what we requested, but maybe even better!!!



Totally understand and can appreciate his frustration.

So cute!! I love that age.

You could switch out almost that exact wording as a description for my DH’s cat

I love your sense of humor already! looking forward to whatever you put our way! Enjoy, be safe, and have THE BEST time!




Honestly, it is much better that way. You can’t control the plane crashing. You can control the shampoo purchases :slight_smile:


Oh man this looks amazing!! Can’t wait to keep reading!