FOMOm plan update after V&A Xmas gift

Fp day is tmw and it looks like 60+3 wont be late enough for sdd. After playing around a bit, I’ve done some major moving.
3/3 - mk left to parade, pm relax/adjust DD to meet sleeping space
3/4 - lunch to close at AK, FOP and pandora at night
3/5 - mk right with midday break and fireworks
3/6 - am off, maybe character early lunch, 4pm couples massage and 645 v&a.
3/7 - hs all day, hopefully getting rotr BG, maybe artist point res in pm.

I hate to make our ak day 60+1 but it’s looking like we can get an evening fop fp, and this allows us a chance at an sdd fp and avoids hs on mmrr opening day.

Good luck! I really liked having the DIBBs guide to let me know in advance about the FP availability. It sounds like it’s been very useful to you.

I think I read about it in a thread here and it kinda blew my mind! Crossing my fingers for 7am

Andddd now today’s crowd calendar update has me very very sad. Lots of 10s where there were 7s and 5s