Follow up to the water parks question

So since the cost of the PH+ vs PH is only and additional $20 I decided to go for it. Hoping that Typhoon Lagoon will be open as thats the one I’d like to try out…fingers crossed. Thanks for all of your feedback on this, I’m so excited!

My next question is would it be insane to plan to hit a water park on a Saturday morning in August? In your experience do you find the water parks to be as busy as the other parks on weekends? Is it a common place for locals to go on the weekends?

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I think you’ll find answered vary. Volcano Bay has diluted the local crowd somewhat, but I think there are a number of locals who do descend on the water parks during the summer months, especially at the weekend. I’m not sure what proportion of the capacity they make up though.

I do think the water parks are popular during the summer, for obvious reasons. Aim to get there early, not only to beat the crowds but also to avoid the mid afternoon thunderstorms.

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I know that the unofficial guide always used to suggest Saturday as the best day because it is a travel day for many. I think they advised against Thursdays.

That’s exactly what I did because I feared Disney would raise the price later if they open both water parks.

When I was researching for our August 2020 trip when we went to Volcano Bay for one day. What I learned was that weekends there were MUCH more busy. Also, until the holidays, Volcano Bay weekends were pretty much the only times it hit capacity.

Note that this last summer was different from all others, and Disney might be different from Universal.

For our upcoming week-long, April Universal trip I scheduled VB for Tuesday and maybe Wednesday.