Folding chair for magic kingdom

Does anyone know if there is some kind of chair you can bring into the magic kingdom? My Dad will refuse a wheelchair but will not be able to sit on the ground or stand for the parade. Would upper level of the train station be ok to watch the MVMCP parade? Thanks for your help!

I know I just watched a vlog on things not allowed at Disney and one wa s folding chairs.

my g rammy used to have a cane that had a teeny folding seat on it. still, cumbersome to carry around.

Would he use a walker? My mom normally doesn’t need a walker, but uses one in WDW, partly because it has a seat. Also, because she can’t do all the walking required in WDW without one, but is fine on the shorter daily trips (like the store) that she takes at home.

Also, if its just the parade that concerns you, maybe he’s willing to sit it out? Find a bench in the shade somewhere?

Upstairs at the train station is a GREAT place to watch parades! And if you get there early enough, there are nice chairs with backs up there. I think that is a perfect solution - when I have been, it was not crowded, just one to two people deep at the railing, plenty of room to walk around for little ones as well.

That is actually one of my favorite spots for watching parades! (My other favorite spot is in Liberty Square )

I would suggest the train station.

which station?

Main street