FoF timing

I’m trying to coordinate a late lunch at Crystal Palace with the Festival of Fantasy parade. I can get a 2:15 reservation or a 3:15 reservation. Given the waits to get seated, time required to meet characters I’m thinking the 2:15 is cutting it too short. Is it possible to see the whole parade and still get to a 3:15 reservation?

No, I don’t think so.

I would take one of them for now, and try modifying it. I’m sure eventually you’ll get a better time.

The parade starts at Frontierland and takes about 15 to 20 minutes to pass by. If you’re near the start you then need to cut through Adventureland and make your way to CP. That means the last bit will be fighting through people waiting for the parade near the Hub and standing further back nearer CP.

If you’re watching at the Hub area, it’s going to take 20 minutes for the parade to reach you and another 20 to pass.

Either way 3:45 is about right. You’ll still have to get through the “traffic” to reach CP. Or earlier, say 1:30.

How long do you have before your trip. The longer till you go, the better your chances of finding it. Try the reservation finder but remember it will search an hour before and after, so either put in 12:30 or 4:30, otherwise it’ll find one smack in the middle of the parade. If you don’t have any other searches, do both.

I believe you can. I watched the parade from the stating point in February and then walked past CP, cut through the store and was at WL by 3:40. If you are late it will only be 5-10 minutes tops.

It will probably only just be passing by CP around that time. It reached us in Town Square at 3:25 precisely. (Aren’t time stamps on photos just the most awesome thing ever???!!!)

Sorry, @Jenrichard I think you’ll have to try for another time altogether. 2:15 will be too rush-y unless you’re willing ot miss some characters, and 3:15 won’t be late enough.

You could try staking out a spot not too far from CP for parade viewing, and one of you could perhaps go check in at 3:25 (using the 10 minute grace period - which is a bit stretchable, at that) while the rest watch the parade finish up. By the time your table is ready you might just see the whole thing, or nearly all.

ETA our last picture of Mickey and Minnie in the final float was at 3:36 pm, so it’s just a bit more than a 10 minute parade. I think you should do the check in late thing :wink:

Thanks all. I actually have a pre-RD CP breakfast ADR earlier in our trip, but I realized we didn’t have any resort time scheduled and was trying to free up that morning. We are trying to do a low-stress trip this time so don’t want to rush us away from the parade to get to an ADR.