FoF parade advice?

Our TP has us wrapping up a mid April visit by 2:00 after doing Splash Mtn. We need to leave MK at 4 to get over to DS for a 5:00 dinner ADR.

If we watch from Frontierland:

  1. where would be best if we would prefer to hang out for not more than 35 min or so beforehand?

  2. will we be able to make it to the main gate by 4 to leave for DS on time? Any chance we could take the RRto get there or will that be stopped at that point?

Adding on to my first question…
On a DIFFERENT day we have an ADR at BOG at 1:35 and plan to leave the park right after it. I assume that will be about 2:30?

What is the best way to make our way out of the park if we are trying to leave at 2:30 from BOG castle? Railroad in fantasyland?

How many are in your party? If you can watch at the beginning of the parade, walk quickly through AdventureLand, past CP and then cut through Casy’s/ the stores- making it to the front of the park before the parade- you will have plenty of time.

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I am not confident the train runs during the parade? You may be cutting it close?

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4 of us.
DH using a scooter since he had Achilles’ tendon surgery recently and will not yet be up to walking miles a day by April. Problem cutting thru stores given this maybe…

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Then I would watch the parade in front of the Train Station in Town Square and just leave right away. That should be somewhere around 3:40. If you are a few minutes late for dinner it will be fine but I think you will make it.


How early would we need to get to the train station to have a spot to watch from there?

I would say around 3:00. It would really depend on the crowd that day ( real crowd- not projected).

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Oh! Better than I thought then! Thank you!!!

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TBH, 3pm for the train station may be late. I watched it twice this past week from in front of Town Square Theater and all the curb spots were gone by 2:45 one day and closer to 2:30 the second. The places up at the train station were definitely gone by about 2:30.

I was focused on the parade, so I’m not 100% on this, but I am fairly sure I heard the train whistle as the parade was going on, which would indicate that it does run. But again, not 100% on that.

I think it depends on the crowd. I have walked up at 3:10 and got front row. Of course President’s week or Spring break /Easter I would be there by 2:45 at the latest.

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Just rang Disney and the person on the phone says the RR does not stop running during the parade. Given that I may go back to my earlier plan for both days of taking the RR After watching from Frontierland and taking the RR the day we want to leave at 2:30 from fantasyland.

IF that is true, that is a great plan. I am going to ask on chat if the train runs!

Would be great to get confirmation although the CM sounded pretty confident in her reply.

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I don’t trust the people that answer the phone but I do trust the liners on chat!

Everyone says that since the parade needs to cross the train tracks in Frontier Land, the train stops at that time. Touring Plans seems to say it closes the whole time the parade is going?. More than that- TP seems to say there main be an issue with unloading the ECV Town Square? I only remember stairs?

What dates are you going?

This is precisely what I would advise.

I would agree with this.

There is a tree and planter on the side of the square where City Hall is. You can grab a spot near there and be shaded :slight_smile:

Train runs. We saw the dragon go by FROM the train on one trip.

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The train did stop for a while last July for the parade. We were in a holding pattern at the Frontierland station for quite a while.