FOF FPP Availability

Anyone that’s hit their FPP date recently, how has the availability been for FoF at the 60 day mark? I’m hoping to snag one for after our KTTTK tour but its on our second day so not sure if it will be gone by then. Just trying to get some plans together.

Not sure when it becomes available but I did FPP for it in March and it was HOT! Full on sun. There are better (shady) places in Frontierland to watch it. Personally, I wouldn’t waste the FPP.

Just had a look and could get one for 30th October if I needed. Can’t check other days for you as we’re not in MK. I guess it depends when you need it for as some weeks/days will be busier than others. Hope you get one.

Oh it’s not until the first week in December so I’m not too worried about heat but want to get some really good unobstructed pictures. We won’t be staying long after that we have two other days at mk.

Where is the FPP viewing area? I will be there in December too and hope to arrive just before the parade on my first day.

@mom2ben, the viewing area is right in the hub, facing the castle. Some liners have reported that on hot days, the sun can be overwhelming…no shade. But, I bet you can’t beat the view !!