Flying with name change?

Ok, so I had a full on panic attack today. Flying out in a few hours, and realized we had put my wife’s post name change name on her tickets, but we haven’t changed her name since the wedding. We got Jet Blue to change the ticket for our flight down, but we’re flying Southwest back and they won’t change it. They said just bring a copy of the marriage license to MCO and we shouldn’t have a problem.

Anyone have experience with this?

Also, for irony’s sake, the reason we didn’t change her name yet? We thought we booked this trip under her old name!

Common problem - bring your marriage certificate and you should be OK - see “Name Requirements” section in

After getting married my sister took a series of vacations before changing her name for just this reason. Took more than six months before she finally didn’t have an imminent travel plans and was able to make the new name official. Sounds like you covered things by calling the airlines + strange that Southwest isn’t willing or able to update your flight information.