Flying Virgin? Check your flight times!

I decided for no reason to check my flights on the Virgin app. I guess I like the fact it tells me how long I’ve got to go.

Anyhoo, my outbound flight time has changed — but for the better! Now departing at 10.05am rather than 10.30am. Which, of course, means an earlier arrival at MCO. And so less stress about getting to MK on time for the things I’ve planned. Woot!

It would be great if my departure flight was later!


Thanks for the heads up. I use TripIt Pro, so I get notified of any changes to flight times (as well as gate changes or any other flight alerts) automatically via email and SMS. Just as well, since we’ve had several flight times change with absolutely zero notification from the airlines (Virgin was one of them).

It floors me that airlines can make these changes without notifying passengers.


I’m surprised you think this is better. The new time is 10:05.



Assuming the flight arrives on time, we get there before BA, which may be good news for immigration lines.