Flying to Disney

For those who are flying to Disney, I just wanted to share that United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines will be getting rid of most of their change fees.

Here’s the article for the full read:


I was told that American Airlines wouldn’t charge me more for my ticket if I use my credit for the original destination. Nice! We cancelled due to C-19 and if the new tickets cost more I won’t have to pay the difference.


I’m not sure how much of a change this is. They haven’t had change fees since the start of the pandemic, and United even let us cancel for free and gave us a refund. (Delta gives us vouchers, which is still okay, we’ll use them).

I think what they’re saying here is that it’s permanent. Until they change their minds, of course. :wink: But it will make it harder for them to go back to their old ways.

Interestingly, American just added a brand new flight out of our local airport, to start in November. So hopefully that means they are expecting air travel to recover quickly. There will be a lot of pent-up demand, I’m sure!