Flying Solo

Hi all - TriSec is back!

I will need to be in West Palm Beach in the spring to tend to some family business, and I have just gotten the green light on the home front to make a solo visit to the world.

I’ll have two days to play with, but I’m not sure what in the world to do. EPCOT is one day, easy. But in TMK, I’m wondering if I should go military-style and try to pull off an Ultimate, or maybe Keys to the Kingdom, or just do all those things I’ve always wanted to do? (Like ride Pirates 6 times in a row, only breaking to stuff Dole Whip in my face?)


Such fun planning!

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Well first, when you say 2 days, are we talking 2 full days (park open to close) or in reality just a day and change? Also, which days?

For myself, I would be able to do the keys tour and pirates on the same day without a problem. The tour is only (hah, “only”) 5 hours and you can easily zip through rides a lot before and afterward. Especially if you hit them if off times. So if you rope drop pirates you can probably get in 2-3 rides (or more) before you even need to get to the town square to check in for the tour.

I would also say, depending on time, you have a good shot to do all the things you’ve wanted to do in MK beyond those two things. You move soooo much faster when alone, so using that to your advantage can really reward you.

Do everything you ever dreamed of! Let this be @TriSec13’s dream vacation!!!

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