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So I am wanting to be in WDW during the 4th of July, but half my family will be in Mason Ohio until the 1st. Instead of driving home, which will take 2 days as we can not even leave Ohio until 3pm, we were gonna an early flight out of Cleveland the next morning. I am looking for some information. Is Cleveland the closest/best airport to use out of Ohio? And here in Missouri we are not yet required to use a passport for check in at the airport, will we need a passport to fly out of Ohio?
Any help would be appreciated.

Mason Ohio looks like it’s closest to Cincinnati, so that’s where I’d fly out of it if I were in Mason.

As far as ID, it looks like Missouri got a waiver to allow people to fly with current drivers license format until October 2018, so you should be fine with that.

I am pretty sure Mason, OH is a suburb of Cincinnati, making your closest airport.

Information about the ID issue:

Missouri Gets Federal Waiver

Mason would be a 3 and a half hour drive to Cleveland!

You could check either DAY (Dayton) or CVG (Cincinnati, actually located in northern Kentucky). Either would be about 45 minutes.

We often choose Columbus (CMH), because Southwest has several Orlando flights, including a couple nonstops each day. That would be about an hour and 45 minutes for the drive.

What will they be doing in Mason? We live about 35 minutes from there, southeast of Dayton.

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The ID issue is based on the state that issued the ID . . . Check the previous link regarding MO. However if you have a MO ID, your situation will be the same whether you are flying out of MO, or OH, or anyplace else in the country.

Check CVG or DAY