Flying Fish VS Jiko

What would be your choice and why?

Jiko hands down. Better food (get the off-menu steak on Mac and Cheese), cheese plate, theming, great excuse to visit the AKL and see the animals (ask about night vision goggles), excellent wines, zebra domes down in The Mara for later


@Sam2071 - How did you rate the steak? Never thought of Jiko as a place to get a great steak. Ds was on a steak search last trip, never found one to really be wowed by.

We skipped signatures since littles in party, but Jiko might have been good choice for their date night ADR.

One of the best steaks on property. My personal fav actually. Better than the Yachtsman and Le Celier IMHO. Love it with the Mac and Cheese which may sound odd but it's yummy. Perhaps this is why I rank it so high. It's my fav dish on property as well. Medium rare with a glass of red wine. Yum.

Thanks for the review!

Jiko all the way. I thought the food at Jiko was better, and a bit more unique; FF is good, but not really any different than any upscale Seafood restaurant I've been to. Also, FF is very crowded and noisy, and Jiko feels much more intimate and subdued - definately the better place for a "romantic" dinner. Jiko is second only to CG as my favorite restaurant in WDW...

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Another vote for Jiko! I have to say once again(I cannot say it enough) that the wil boar appetizer may be the best thing I have ever eaten. My son loves the beef with the Mac and cheese. On another thread I also mentioned that the no sugar added dessert was amazing as well!

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Not that you need it, but another vote for Jiko. I also prefer the location of Jiko - getting out to AKL is worth the trip. So beautiful. Jiko has a menu that I don't normally see - some creative and wonderful options.

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Tough choice! I had a wonderful meal at Jiko in August - my first visit there. The food was top notch (had the Jiko salad, beef short rib, and malva pudding with wonderful wine and coffee); the restaurant is beautiful; the service was excellent. But I still have to give my vote to Flying Fish -- especially if you're a seafood lover. I've had the chef's tasting wine dinner there twice, and on both occasions it was truly amazing. The food was absolutely outstanding, the wine pairings were great. I love how the atmosphere and service there manage to feel both special-occasion and laid back all at the same time. Plus it's nice to be able to stroll out of FF around the Boardwalk or into EP for IllumiNations! But between these two, you really can't go wrong!