Flying Fish or....?


Trying to decide If this is doable. HS day-Rope drop, done by 12-1 (our family won’t do ToT or RRC), back to our resort for a restfull afternoon, we want to return to HS for Fantasmic and maybe meeting Chewbacca. My question is where should we have dinner? I’m thinking we’ll drive to the Boardwalk, dine at Flying Fish, walk to HS and then walk back after Fantasmic. Is this possible? We’re staying at the Contemporary and are hoping to do California Grill on a different date. HS restaurants don’t really appeal to any of us. Other thoughts?


I ask questions at the wrong time of night😉. Trying again this morning.


Flying fish is good…but I will give a strong recommendation to Brown Derby.


I would think it can be done depending on the time you want to return to HS. Flying Fish is only open for dinner and as a signature I would plan two hours for that meal.


Really? I’ve heard quite mixed reviews. What did you eat and what did you like about it?


I just made a HBD ADR for my next trip. I always have such great meals there!


Your plan has my vote of approval. Flying Fish is on my “Can’t Miss” list.


So, I’m thinking 4:30 ADR? Getting done around 6:30, go meet Chewbacca and then line up for Fantasmic. I’ll have to see what DH thinks about this timeline. Crowd levels are decent (UT says 7-8, TP gives HS a 6 for the day).


The problem is that Flying Fish usually opens at 5:00.


Good to know!


I’ve never heard anything but good about HBD. Including our experiences.

The service was very good. Some of the Citizens of Hollywood came in to the restaurant and interacted with guests. They were so entertaining. The food was very good. I didn’t think the Cobb Salad would be my thing, but it is divine. My daughter had a grouper dish and ate everything on the plate. Husband had the waygu burger. It was great, but he prefered the one at Kona Cafe.

The lounge is also great. Smaller menu but we love it too.


I’m just going to throw out my experience at Flying Fish for contrast.

We were very excited to get the reservation after watching the Dis Unplugged episode where they raved about it. Our experience was a let down. The server and the service were not good. She was inattentive and borderline unpresentable. I got the tuna appetizer, and there was a bug on my plate. No real acknowledment by staff as to how unacceptable that is. Atmosphere was meh. I wish it had been better.


Just when I think I have made a decision someone comes along and confuses me😉.


I’m so sorry! I know, it’s tough to decide. We went to FF shortly after they reopened from their refurbishment. It had been so highly recommended but it was a bummer. The food (aside from the bug) was good. Overall though, it fell short.

There are so many options at WDW. I am realizing that going upwards of 30 days per year (for the last 2 years), I’ll still never eat everywhere I’d like to. Still haven’t eaten at Yak & Yeti or Garden Grill or Jiko or most of the table services at World Showcase. I need more Disney time!!

I’m glad we went to FF so I can check it off the list. But if I had a crystal ball, I would have passed.


Well, sometimes DH has opinions! Lol, and this is one of them. Flying Fish it is! I’ve seen some recent photos/reports of their vegan options (that’s me)! Looks great!


Will you cut out the meet and greet? If you start at 5 and then need to walk or boat to HS I would expect you will not enter the park before 7?


Probably. We are going to spend the morning there, so maybe we’ll stay a bit longer than originally planned. DD(10) has said she’d rather have a good dinner than good seats for Fantasmic, so there’s that. Clearly she’s our kid. I think we’ll play it by ear what there is time for.


You have a brilliant child!:slight_smile:


Story of my life. LOL.


We did Flying a fish on July 4th this yea (without the kids) for our anniversary. It was our first signature (other than CRT), but was the best meal we’ve ever had at WDW. First, my awesome friend called the restaurant and had them deliver a card and champagne as we were seated. The manager Tedd was very friendly and personally brought and poured the champagne. Mikhal was our server and he was one of the best we’ve ever had. We absolutely loved him. Derick the sous chef was in the dining room and chatted with us for a few as well. DH wanted to tell him that his filet was the best steak he’s ever had and that the pork belly is something that dreams are made of. I had the scallops and subbed whatever carb usually comes with it for asparagus (I eat keto/very low carb). The scallops cut like butter and were melt in your mouth delicious. We were too full for dessert but Mikheal brought us a small plate to celebrate. DD16 is mad that she missed out so we will be repeating next trip.