Flower & Garden

Here’s the updated map for Flower & Garden festival options:

We’re really striving to keep it casual and just sort of explore whatever seems interesting along the way - BUT, there’s SO MUCH TO SEE in Epcot, hard choices have to be made. My thought is it might be worth skipping some of the World Showcase movies to have more time to see the gardens? We’ll be in Epcot a full day on 3-17 and returning at 5pm on 3-21. So which of the following movies are not to be skipped?

American Adventure
Reflections on China
O Canada
Impressions de France

At the same time, which of the gardens are not-to-be-missed? Maybe the play gardens in particular? I think our general plan would be to build the World Showcase gardens into the pavilion time as we tour through the countries. But what about the Future World gardens? At the moment I’m including 45 min of garden time in our Tuesday itinerary. What would you pick to see in particular? Here are the options:
Water Wise Gardens
Prehistoric Plants
Purple Martins
Road to the Florida 500 play garden
Seed Sanctuary
Health and Healing Garden
Pollinator Paradise
Edible Flower
Butterfly Haven
Butterflies on the Go
Festival Blooms
Backyard Habitat
Music Garden Melodies play garden
Nature Works Everywhere


On the movies, the only one I’ve seen is O Canada. It was cute, but it could be missed if you’re short on time.

As for gardens, I liked the butterfly garden. I didn’t pay much attention to the others, in the sense that we just wandered through them. We didn’t have a schedule or itinerary. I think Epcot, particularly during F & G, is a great place to wander and not try to keep to a schedule.

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@shermND - The American Adventure is mostly a lot of sophisticated audioanimatronics on stage sets combined with a multimedia show, not really a movie. The other three are movies, but Canada and China are 360 degree ones, and you stand the whole time. France is a wide movie (more than 200 degrees) and you sit to watch it. I’d say the one NOT to miss is the American Adventure, for a first time trip. I prefer the two 360 ones for the scenery, but having to stand on very tired legs was not fun!


Follow up question - if it’s a choice between catching 20 minutes of Quickstep in the UK and then 20 minutes of Serveur Amusant in France, and maybe Sergio in Italy (not on the schedule at the moment) VS American Adventure - which would you recommend? 2 boys ages 8 and 6. Thanks!

Serveur Amusant should be number 1 according to my kids. They like American Adventure, but prefer live entertainment. If Sergio is not on the schedule for that day, it is probably his day off. All the performers have a day or two off each week.

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