Flower & Garden Tips

So I’m a Flower & Garden newbie, starting to read blogs and collect info for my first time at the festival. I only have one day - so want to make the most of it!

I thought it would be a good thread to start so that people can share tips based on their experience at previous festivals and also based on this year’s festival once it starts.

Two tips that I just read that I’m kind of curious about:

  1. Purchase one of the little wrist gift cards as an easy way to mange your spending and an easier way to access money while holding food an other items in your hand. Seems like a good idea - any reason not to do this?
  2. Bring a small tray to collect and carry multiple food items? This seems like an odd tip… but it came from DFB who I usually trust. Is this a real thing?! I mean Epcot is the one park where I would entertain carrying something around, but a tray? really?
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We have the lanyard GC & it is easy to use and they can be reloaded for any festival. Very convenient when going from booth to booth. Also I’ve seen trays that have a slot for drink. I’m sure they are helpful but I’ve not felt it a must have. I only occasionally try a wine or drink offering but have my water bottle. My tips would be

  1. Go on a weekday if possible. Less crowded overall and lines at booths are better.

  2. We like to start early with booths and then come back later in the evening to revisit some of our favorites.

  3. Download one or both apps. Festival of Food has excellent pictures and reviews. WDWFood&Wine is also very helpful. You can look at past festivals and see offerings.

  4. Enjoy the topiaries! There’s typically something new each year. They are so unique and fun to make pictures

  5. Check out Garden Rocks to see if there’s a concert. We love going to these!


F&G is my favorite of the EPCOT fests! My favorite hints:

  1. Book Gardens of the World tour for early morning exploration and unencumbered views of most of the topiaries
  2. Bring (or buy at Mitsukoshi in Japan or China pavilion) chopsticks. Your hands stay clean and less plastic waste!
  3. Bring unscented baby wipes for washing off trash cans and tables as you go.
    See you in April!

The tray seems odd. I’ve been to F&G at least a half dozen times and I’ve never seen people with their own trays.

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I’ve seen the tray tip quite a bit. I know some of the freebies they give people who have special perks are little trays. I think I’m going to be using this tip because we are a large group and it would be less stressful for just one or two of us to be in line to order while the other adult waits with the kids in a less crowded area. A tray, even if a small one, would make it much more manageable. There are some on Amazon. Of course I can just throw it in the bottom of the stroller; not sure how I’d feel about just carrying around a tray :laughing:

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I heard the tray tip multiple times before F&W last year. I can see how it would help if you were buying several items from one booth so that you can then carry them all back to a bench. But as we only bought one or two items at the booths we visited then we have no need for a tray!

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They do actually sell trays in the festivals, they’re expensive, tiny things which hold only one beverage at the time (really, Disney???) but you don’t need to lug one in from home.

The only disadvantage to those little loadable wearable gift card bracelets is the ease of losing them I guess… just keep an eye on yours and go for it! They’re fun!

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#3 is a great tip, I bring wipes for tables too.

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My DH and I will be bringing our trays and utensils back with us in April. We throw them in our backpacks on Epcot days. I scoffed at the idea at first too but they proved to be very useful. We generally share 5-6 different food items for a meal so split up to gather our choices (or one of us guards a table). The tray just makes it easier to get everything to where we are eating. The utensils are sturdier than the usual stuff you get at the booths AND include a knife to cut things for sharing. You can certainly find cheaper versions of both at home and bring them with.
I think I’ll toss in some wipes this year too.
We didn’t bother with the wristbands - my magic band works just fine. :grin:

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Great tips everyone - thanks for sharing!

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This sounds delicious AND fun. Count me in.

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