Flower & garden 2021

anyone have any sneak peeks of the flower & garden menus for 2021???

DFB has them posted. I can’t link here on my current device


OK you trying to get me killed?
I rhymed off half of these to DW before I realized they’re not Flower & Garden.

…maybe she’ll forget by April?

Sorry, I saw it was a new article. Doh. Maybe someone else has a link!

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I saw the international menus. Not flower/ garden menus for 2021. Yes I’ll remember what I’ve seen for the next 126 days or so! I’m not that old yet:)

I’ve been looking for them too. The app WDW Food&Wine is what I used last time, but they don’t have them yet. I liked the app though, and it’s free.

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It’s for 2020, but it will be pretty spot on with a few new dishes here and there :slight_smile:

Year to year , flower and garden, 80 % of the menus stay the same?