Flower and Garden Dates...and food booths between festivals

We will be in Epcot March 1, 2024. Originally I thought this would be the beginning of the Flower and Garden Festival. The Festival always starts on a Wednesday. But the last time March 1 fell on a Friday as it will next year, the F&G festival started March 6! I am now frustrated we will end up being there between festivals!

Does anyone know what happens with the food booths during the periods between festivals? Are they still open?

In my experience, the booths are closed between festivals. I have been in that period between Festival of the Arts/Flower and Garden (usually most of President’s week) and the booths remain in place but closed.

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It’s called diet Epcot.


Well, that’s a bummer. Every other year, when March 1 falls on any other day of the week other than Friday or Saturday, it would be included in the start of F&G.

One difference this year is that it is also a leap year…so…maybe there is hope it will be different?

Missing out in the food booths isn’t a huge deal. But this likely also means missing out on the, you know… flowers and gardens.

Most displays should be visible.

That’s hopeful, then!

I was in Epcot l during the few days between Flower and Garden and Food and Wine. Booths were up but closed. They did not have signs advertising anything near them. I don’t remember seeing any topiaries.