Flower and Garden 2016 newbie

What are the tips for flower and garden? My family of 4 (ds8 & dd5) will be going for first time this May. We will probably have one afternoon in Epcot.

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Flower and Garden is one of my favorite times of the year to visit the world! In the next few weeks you should start to see details about the food kiosks. Disney Food Blog usually has a page dedicated to the festival. I usually review the menus and threads about new items to decide what “must try” items should be on my list. We usually enjoy the BBQ kiosk in America and my personal favorite- shrimp and grits (I think Florida Fresh?). It is great to buy a variety of items at the kiosks and then share. So come hungry!

The garden displays are scattered throughout EPcot. Some of them can have additional lights at night. There has also been a really cool face projection on some of them recently. Allow time for the butterfly garden and there is usually a themed playground.


How do you build Flower and Garden into your EP touring plan? Do you just adjust walking to slow speed to allow for seeing topiaries and put in extra breaks for butterfly garden, food booths, etc… Going with DD (13) and DS (9) in April… Not sure how to plan… Would love advice🌺

Following this thread! DH and I are going in April sans kids primarily to visit the food booths! We’re only there for 4 nights, I tried to keep my ADRs to a minimum to allow us plenty of opportunities to fill up at the booths. I have not been to this festival since they added the food kiosks, can someone give me advice on how many meals and what kind (lunch, dinner) we should set aside to take full advantage? We’re more familiar with the Food & Wine Festival, but it just got way too crowded.

I will be there Sunday afternoon to Tuesday morning. I am not taking ADR’S . I will eat at Epcot and also go to AK to see my friend I used to work with. It seems similar to food and wine.

Following this thread. Heading to the Flower and Garden Festival for the first time this year.

Following too. We are going to be there opening week with DD4 and DS2.

I very rarely go to the Future World side of Epcot. If I was going to build a touring plan I would just plan FW with a TP after identifying my “must do’s” and most likely plan a two hour “break” to wander World Showcase and then end my plan around 8:00 to once again wander World Showcase and wait for illumiNations.

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What are the tips for flower and garden?[/quote]
Look at the menus ahead of time to figure out what you want to eat (assuming you want to try out the food booths).

As far as seeing the floral displays, they’re all over the park, so plan a stroll around World Showcase to see them (and a few stops in Future World). There’s usually at least one play area, that might appeal to your kids, so check out where that is going to appear this year when maps start to show up online. If you can visit right around when World Showcase opens, then you might also be able to squeeze in a few character meets if your kids enjoy those, too.

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How do you build Flower and Garden into your EP touring plan?[/quote]
I usually just leave empty space in my touring plans to wander World Showcase, since that’s where most of the topiary and (in years past) all of the food booths are.


We will be there opening week with our two kids too (DS5 and DD3)!
My kids like to explore and have yet to be into big rides and such - so looking forward to wandering around Epcot!

Maybe we will see you in the playgrounds! My kids love Epcot and I know that this will seal the deal.