Florida weather primer!

Amazingly it’s pretty much never rained in our prior trips to Orlando, but looking at the 10 day forecast on Wunderground it’s showing 50% chance of rain/storms starting Saturday and going pretty much throughout the week (after what looks to be a largely bone dry week this week - argh!).

I know weather changes frequently, and forecasts can be unreliable, but does anyone have insights into what this might actually mean? Does it typically rain all throughout the day or would it be more likely to be spotty? We have a lot of outdoor activities planned (Discovery Cove, Typhoon Lagoon) and total rainouts would be a giant bummer.

so technically 50% (or so I was told by a local weather forecaster) means that there is virtually 100% chance of rain in 50% of the “area”. However you would need to take a look at the hour by hour to have more insight into the duration of the rain. Traditionally in the summer - everyday has 100% chance of rain - however it is usually pretty quick and it doesn’t mean a rainy day

Rain in WDW is usually a monsoon of epic proportions that doesn’t last more than an half an hour or so. Poncho up and ride what you can, the queues will be non-existent!

I was considering asking basically the same thing LOL Our trip starts Oct 7th so of course I’m already stalking our forecast and getting nervous about the high chances of rain!

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