Florida Turnpikes?

I am hoping some liners from NC can give me some advice about paying the tolls on the Florida turnpikes. Does anyone know if the NC Quick Pass transponder sticker works on the E-Pass roads around the world?

We love going to Disney, but I-4 makes me more than a little crazy, so on our last trip we got off the interstate in Jacksonville and drove through Palatka and Apopka to reach Orlando. It only added about half an hour in driving time and was so much more relaxing! However, when we got to Orlando, we had to keep stopping at toll booths to pay tolls. Is there any way to use the Quick Pass to pay in Orlando?


The only signs I saw for for the Georgia Peach Pass when we were there a few weeks ago. Doesn’t mean they don’t take any others but you can probably check their website. I know some liners like @MDU just run them and wait for a bill lol.

There are also some “side roads” if you are coming south on 95… Yes they will add alittle time but will mostly keep you off i4! (Which I understand because that road is evil) my mom usually stays on 95 to around Cocoa beach and hops on 528 (i think) then that shoots her straight into the disney area… Sorry if I’m not much help :slight_smile: good luck!

Have you thought about purchasing a Florida Sun Pass? You can order online and if you drive often it may be “worth it”.

I did that once. Ok, twice. But, I did buy a Sun Pass over the summer.


Check the NC Quick Pass website, it will tell you which states you can use your NC transponder in. I don’t know off hand if we can use them in FL, sorry! Be aware, if you have the sticker it definitely won’t work. We had to switch to the transponder box to be able to use it when we travel north for DS’s travel hockey.

Thanks, @rnjackie, the Quick Pass website says the sticker now works for Sun Pass roads, but I’m not sure if that applies to the Orlando roads since they’re EPass.

@MDU, we may just try driving through and pay them if we get a separate bill. Unfortunately, @PrincipalTinker, we don’t go often enough to justify buying a Sun Pass. :cry: I wish we did!

Thanks, @Outer1 and @rachaelmac22, I appreciate the help!

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It’s funny some states are switching to automatic billing as the default. My mom just got a bill for some tolls in Texas from 2013 lol. I guess they don’t have places to stop and pay tolls anymore you just get a bill whenever they get around to processing them.

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In NC, they take that billing by mail seriously, too. If you don’t pay, they add $20 the first month, $50 the second, and so on!

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If you do the Florida Sun Pass, you bypass all that. For us, we were there for a month and were doing things outside of Disney as well and this proved a worthy $20 investment for the whole month.