Florida.....it's one hell of a drug

You look adorable in your pink outfit with the pink & red ears!


Awwww. Thank you so much. :heart: :heart:


Final thoughts:
Grand Floridian was a wonderful mistress. She’s beautiful, sexy, and shiny, but I’ll have to go back to the old standbys and my first loves of Pop, POFQ, and CBR. I won’t pay $800+ for a hotel room–even one that is that nice.

Most trips, I really only use the room to sleep in. If I’m going to spend most of my time in the parks, I’m choosing Pop. It’s usually just me and DD21 that go to the parks so Pop is perfect for the two of us. If I’ll be spending time at the resort–like before or after a Disney cruise, I’ll choose POFQ. Those trips include myself, DH, and DS15. Since DD is in college, she’s missed all our cruises. For my friends trips, the three of us have enjoyed the 5th sleeper rooms CBR. Those trips are only one park day out of a long weekend trip. We tend to hang out and enjoy some drinks by the pool on the nonpark days and CBR is a good place for that.

I’ve previously been to Disney in every month except January, June, and July. The heat last week was oppressive and exhausting. Running on little sleep combined with the heat, made me ill. I’m glad I’d been so many times that I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything and could enjoy things at a more leisurely pace—If you consider hopping from AK to Epcot to MK to Epcot leisurely :rofl:

While I was crazy stressed with the flight time reverting back to almost the original time less than an hour before the supposed take off but then going back to the delayed time and then being even later, I’ll continue to take my chances with Spirit for quick trips. The time changes happen with all airlines. I just can’t beat a round trip flight that ranges from $40 to $96 at the highest. If I can pack what I’m going to need in a personal item, I’m flying Spirit. Now, if I need to get to a cruise or am taking a trip that’s longer than 4 days, I’ll fly SW because I’ll need a bigger bag.

See HEA outside the park was way better than I expected. Who knew those fireworks were actually set off so far apart??


It’s nice going to parks where my only goal is to eat snacks (too bad I felt too sick to get the ones I wanted) and to hit one or two rides in each park. I really recommend it. I’m looking at you @hufflematt

I don’t think I encountered any walls at Epcot. That’s the first time in so, so many years.

So for now, cheers to you Florida (specifically Disney), you are definitely one hell of a drug. And thanks to my gateway drug, Spirit airlines, for continuing my addiction to Disney.

BTW: I’m heading to Italy in July. Taylor Swift is in concert in Milan the second night I’m there. I might have to catch her show…


I want to be you when I grow up.


Here’s a few more pictures


These are adorable! What a fun group!


YESSSSS I have been waiting not so patiently for someone to name a TR after this song!!!


For real and same. I went down 7x last year (the longest at one time was 4n lol)


Thanks for sharing this joyful trip!!!


Those Ear sales got me too!