Florida, Before Disney

Pretty neat: “Watch Mike Wallace’s 60 Minutes report from 1972 to see the Florida that existed before Mickey and millions of tourists descended on Orlando.”

Thanks for sharing! Someone posted this in the Liners FB page, but I forgot to go back and view it.

Welcome! Didn’t know there was a Liners FB page!

It’s actually a group - search for “Liners :-)”

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It was posted on regular lines chat. I read the book Rat Race by Carl Hiaason. He chronicles the land purchase for Disney.

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Thanks @gabmom I’ll have to read the Hiasson book!

I heard him talk about Disney on the Studio 360 American Icons episode, and was a bit surprised by his negative take on the parks and company… now I’m curious to know why.

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Following up with another retro video -

1982 EPCOT Center - RARE 16mm Home Movie from RetroWDW