Flood setting changed?

Wondering if @Len or @LaurelStewart might know whether the flood setting for posts here in forum was recently changed.

I often bop from thread to thread without issue but in the past two days have been getting a flood warning and request to “wait (several) seconds before posting.”

It was a problem when forum first opened and it was adjusted. I’m wondering if there has been an update causing the system to revert to default settings, and whether it could be re-adjusted to a more tolerant level.

OTOH, perhaps there is a good reason why it was changed to slow us down, and if so, that’s okay too. :slight_smile:


I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. It was for like 2 replies back to back on the same thread.

Same, I think I was told I had to wait 9 more seconds? I also got an alert that I was replying too many times to the same person and I should think about being more inclusive or using DM. That was a new one!

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I’ve gotten that one before. That one you can just ignore and let it live over on the right hand side of your screen. The flood setting cannot be overridden and it’s driving me crazy!


That would really mess with “some people’s” witty banter :grin:

So you are picking up what I’m putting down then :wink:


Any word on this @len


This error message is so incredibly annoying.

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I’ll check again. I don’t think we changed anything.


Thanks @Len!!

I do not think it has changed but more likely an issue due to some recent activity.