Flights of Passage - possible w/o a FP+?

I’m not sure if this question was addressed elsewhere, but my searches aren’t finding anything recent. I’m going to be in DAK at the end of May. I previously had Flights of Passage as one of my FP+ but (stupidly) swapped it for Rivers of Light. I know, I know, what was i thinking?! Believe me, i’m kicking myself for doing that. Anyhow, I’ve go on the app every chance I get to try to find an elusive Flight of Passage FP+. I know my chances are slim to nil for that, but i’m crossing my fingers (and toes) anyway. My question, though, is if i get to the park before rope drop (i’m taking the disney buses, so i’ll be on the first one available, just cant’ wrap my head around paying for alternate transportation), what is my wait time looking like for Flight of Passage? Also, I know there’s 2 entrances to Pandora, is one better than the other for getting ahead of crowds and maybe a slightly less wait time? Any help would be very greatly appreciated!! Has anyone else had experience with something like this? Thanks in advance!!

If you’re there at least an hour before RD, you’ll be off not long after park opening. If you’re not there till closer to 9, it will be a couple of hours. At RD you’ll only be able to use 1 entrance.

I’d say you have 2 other options. Drop ROL, get a FP early in the day, and try to either modify it to FOP at a drop time or get FOP as a 4th (drops are at 11.01, 1.01, 3.01 and 5.01). Or get in line 10 minutes before the park closes, you’ll likely wait about 40 mins.


We got in line as the park was closing and waited about an hour…in addition to an earlier ride via FP. It’s actually interesting to go through the stand-by line, but I don’t ever want to do it again!


No first-hand experience, but I’ve read various posts by people who said they were on it within 20 minutes. Mostly depends on how far ahead in the RD crowd you are. I do know enough about the geography to know that one entrance is to your left, almost as soon as you get on to DI, whereas for the other entrance, you would have to go all the way to Africa, and them come all the way back to Pandora; at 2-3 times the walking distance, I can’t imagine how it could be faster…

An additional factor is if there is any EMH that AM. If there is, you’ll have the benefit of only fighting on-site crowds vice everyone at RD. In fact, if I were in your shoes, I would specifically plan my AK day to be an EMH day…

I have ridden FOP twice. First time, I was able to get a day of FP. Just went on to MDE in the afternoon and was able to get three for 7 PM.

Second time, I rope dropped for EMH at 7 AM during the Christmas holidays. We got to the park at 6:30 AM and they were already letting guests in. We got into line about 6:50 AM and we on the ride by 8:00 AM. As we were leaving Pandora, the estimated wait time was 4 hours.

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You could look out for a same-day drop—anyone know what the current ‘magic’ times for drops for FOP are?

Or devote 15 minutes to doing nothing but refreshing while in the park.

Another possibility– I haven’t tried it, only heard about it!

I can vouch for because it has worked for me recently. As @staceyrose55 also mentioned, keep an eye out for same day fast pass drops. People change plans all the time so it’s not out of the realm of possibility to obtain a Fastpass for FOP while you’re there. You just have to keep checking on your phone.

I listed them above.

Oh, thanks! Didn’t see that!

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I’d recommend EMH day and get there an hour early. There is only one path. They close the bridge to manage the flow of traffic in the morning. I never saw another FP even at drop times. So I’d rely on that as a backup and try to do RD.

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I did RD when I was there in April - I think I was there at 7:20 for a 9am open. I was with a friend, so we entertained each other while we waited. They start letting us through the gates around 8:20 ish, then as other people have said they sort of slowly herd you toward the bridge and hold you there. We were done with the ride by 9:15. Even though it is a lot of time to wait (and it’s fricking early), once you’re out, you’re in the park and have all day for everything else! Go to Kusafiri afterward for a huge cinnamon roll.

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My son and I got there about 20 minutes before rope drop last August. From the time we got in line to the time we got off the ride was 61 minutes.

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So I got my FP for FOP within 2 weeks of our trip. I got lucky and found 4 FPs. It was a Sunday morning, as if that matters, but maybe fewer people are looking to snag them at that time? Or I was just lucky. I never saw any other FPs for FOP, even on the same day when they were supposed to be dropping (but we were there at Spring Break).

We also did RD. As I mentioned in another thread, we arrived (by car) in the parking lot at 7:40 and we were finished FOP by 9:15. Enough time for Navi to get a nice 45 min line up. Oh well. Better than being at the end of the FOP line.

There’s a video (I don’t have the link) of someone (I think from TP) doing a trial run from one of the hotels. Maybe someone else knows of the video and can give you the link. It would be helpful to you, I think.