Flight to AKL on Magical Express

Approximately how long should I expect it to be from my flight landing time to AKL using the Magical Express? We land at noon and I want to leave some time for relaxing at the hotel before hitting an evening in the park, but I also don’t want a late night so that we can’t hit RD next day. Trying to find that happy medium, but not sure how long to plan for in travel time, and how long is enough time to recharge.


I usually plan around 2-3 hours from touch down to resort.


Minimum 2 hrs to be safe. How long to recharge is very individual. We never head right to a park on travel day. We lay low at resort or do DS. Hit it hard next day!


We do the same :slight_smile:

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That would definitely be ideal, but it’s the kids’ first time (DS5 and DD8). I figured it would do well for a light evening of just frontierland (and haunted mansion) and some time on main street to get the initial excitement out of the way and see the castle, etc.

So 2-3 hours, huh? Hmmm… Thanks! I wanted at least 2 hours before heading back out, and while MK has EMH that night, that won’t bode well for RD the next day at AK. Guess I need to decide whether it’s more important that we have time to rest before evening park, or that we hit RD at AK, where I have a split day planned. Alternative is a late start afternoon/evening plan at AK. Thoughts?

Assuming you’ll arrive at AKL around 2, there is a good chance your room will not be ready. If the 2 hours between landing and getting to AKL isn’t enough down time, you can hang out at the lobby or by the pool. Or grab some lunch.

But…when we arrive before our room is ready, we check our carry-ons with bell services and head right to a park. Then we come back shortly after getting the text that the room is ready.

So, you could get that first taste of the park earlier rather than later, then chill for the night at AKL. It is an amazing resort, especially at night.


I would say that you could grab some lunch, check out the resort, and then head to the MK by about 4:30. If you stayed until about 8:00 or 8;30 that shouldn’t be too late. I would always take four or so hours in the MK! Plus it is a great thing to see first.